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“This is our baby, this is our family,” she told him, according to documents filed Monday in Cass County District Court.

Authorities think otherwise, and on Monday, charged Hoehn, 32, and Crews, 38, with conspiring to kidnap and murder 22-year-old Savanna Greywind and steal her baby.

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Greywind, who was eight months pregnant, disappeared Aug.

19 from the Fargo apartment she shared with her parents in the same building where Hoehn and Crews lived upstairs.

Like so many other men and women stuck in abusive relationships, I had no idea how to respond, or what to do.

Abusers are very skilled at making you think that you deserve their wrath… Multiple women who were with him before me have fallen victim to his raw anger and Russ’s female supervisor at i Heart Radio has known about the abuse.

You have lifted me up at the time I’ve needed it the most. Tell them you are against domestic abuse and want Russ Rollins held accountable for his actions.

We have to make it clear to those in charge that ad money is not more important than someone’s safety.

Sharing this very private detail of my life is not/was not an easy thing to do, but I felt it was necessary.

During the lowest points, it was hard to stand up for myself or to even know how to get help.

Let me close by saying that I am not perfect by any measure. However, our imperfections should not be cause for someone to justify hurting us, emotionally or physically. He should not physically or emotionally abuse the men or women he is with, and I should have stood up to him a long time ago.

If one good thing can come of this horrible ordeal, I hope that anyone who finds themselves in an abusive relationship can learn from what happened to me.

Unfortunately, my love for him was put to the test in the most unexpected way.