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A concrete mix is classified as SCC if the requirements for all three of the above characteristics are fulfilled.

In instances where passing ability is not a concern, this parameter need not be addressed.

For example, an important factor in capturing the finish advantages is the type of form oil used, as this can significantly affect the surface finish.

Demanding form configurations, irregular shapes, thin sections, and heavily reinforced elements can be produced with confidence using SCC.

In 1983, finding sufficiently skilled workers in Japan who could construct durable concrete structures became an industry-wide problem.

One solution proposed was to develop concrete that would consolidate under its own weight and not require additional vibration or skilled workers to fully consolidate the plastic concrete.

SCC can bring important advantages to the precast/prestressed concrete industry; however, as can be seen from a review of the guidelines, SCC is a different type of material than normal high performance concrete, and thus requires attention to a somewhat different set of issues to ensure overall success in its use.

These interim guidelines have been prepared in response to increasing use of and interest in SCC in the precast/prestressed concrete industry throughout the United States.It takes less energy to move the material (lower shear stress) (viscosity) and should not separate or segregate.A material that takes less energy to move will require fewer workers or finishers to produce a quality precast/prestressed concrete unit.SCC has the potential to allow reallocation of manpower and increased production with existing resources.When SCC is placed in a form, its motion may be a creeping movement or a rapid flow.In early 2002, a request was made by the PCI Plant Certification Committee to the Technical Activities Committee (TAC) to provide more guidance to precast/prestressed concrete producers on the use of Self-Consolidating Concrete The result of that request was that TAC formed a Team to address this subject and charged the Team to guidelines on SCC for industry use. The Interim Guidelines for the Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) in Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Member Plants is now available from PCI Headquarters.