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Among swinging couples, marital happiness averaged 78.5 percent, compared with 64 percent of the general married population.

Women on average are 31 when they embrace the lifestyle, while men are 35. Seventy-two percent belong to religious institutions, compared with 61 percent in the general population.

“The allure is you possibly could go have sex, if you wanted” — but in one of Squirrel Creek’s six downstairs playrooms, not the parking lot.

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“It’s hard for some people to get all of their needs met in one relationship.In America, everybody assumes we are monogamous and that’s the only way to live.” Exploring the lifestyle is not for everybody, he said.Squirrel Creek Lodge, an 18,000-square-foot former steakhouse in Littleton, looks a lot like any other event space used for corporate get-togethers or run-of-the-mill wedding parties. Nearly every weekend, droves of people visit for racy parties where open-minded couples meet other open-minded couples looking to spice up their sex lives.Many participants call it “the lifestyle,” although it’s also commonly known as swinging.Also, jealousy renders many people incapable of letting a spouse run off with others for romps between the sheets.

Those who succeed, he said, tend to bask in their partner’s joy, regardless of whether it bubbles up from a career triumph or a sexual escapade with another adult.

(That club no longer exists.) “I underestimated the market severely,” he said, while seated on a Squirrel Creek patio that overlooks a big tepee, a volleyball court and a series of canopied beds on the property.

“I had no idea.” “Way too boring” Long before she got married, Emily Bitti knew monogamy wasn’t for her. For about a decade, the Broomfield pair have hit swingers clubs, attended meet-and-greet events at bars, booked vacations at adults-only resorts, and gone on dates with people other than their spouses.

For one thing, concerns about sexually transmitted diseases alarm many people.

Practicing what Cannon calls “safer sex” is simply imperative.

Michelle Golland, a Los Angeles sex therapist, said she thinks swinging is increasingly popular in part because of the importance couples place on having positive attitudes toward sex. I want my husband to want me that way.” And swinging helps boost the sexual connection of some couples, she said.