Sentences with the word accommodating

This is true of all peoples and all languages; it is a universal fact about language.

Anthropologists speak of the relations between language and culture.

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The following is a list of vocabulary words that often appear on the TOEFL* test.The underlined sections of a word provide links to definitions of that word's respective roots, prefixes and suffixes.The fact that humankind has a history in the sense that animals do not is entirely the result of language.So far as researchers can tell, animals learn through spontaneous imitation or through imitation taught by other animals.Nor do members of the same species differ markedly in behaviour over widely scattered areas, again apart from differences resulting from human interference.

Bird songs are reported to differ somewhat from place to place within species, but there is little other evidence for areal divergence.

Spoken language alone would thus vastly extend the amount of usable information in any human community and speed up the acquisition of new skills and the adaptation of techniques to changed circumstances or new environments.

With the invention and diffusion of writing, this process widened immediately, and the relative permanence of writing made the diffusion of information still easier.

But it must be emphasized that children very largely acquire their first language by “grammar construction” from exposure to a random collection of utterances that they encounter.

What is classed as language teaching in school either relates to second-language acquisition or, insofar as it concerns the pupils’ first language, is in the main directed at reading and writing, the study of literature, formal grammar, and alleged standards of correctness, which may not be those of all the pupils’ regional or social dialects.

Here, cultural change in general and its relation to language will be considered.