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But Pierson said the school would convene a committee representing the university’s diverse viewpoints to address the issue.

In his letter to Mark Stansberry, ECU board chairman, Hunter asked the school to forgo those plans.

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But according to Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (AU), someone complained that those elements constituted government endorsement of religion.

The cross, Bibles, and religious icons “do not belong” on the public university campus and must be removed, AU told university administrators in a June letter.

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Hunter called the atheist organization’s demands “scare tactics” and promised to defend the university—and the state—from continued legal threats.

ECU administrators initially capitulated and began removing religious items from the chapel before public outcry over the demand forced the school to rethink its response.Hunter assured Stansberry that neither the Establishment Clause nor case law require a publicly funded entity to purge itself of features related to religious expression or heritage.He called AU’s tactics “misleading” and noted the group’s “selective” citation of cases decided outside Oklahoma’s jurisdiction.Many of us fantasise about meeting a stranger for uncomplicated, exciting sex but most of us are too inhibited to actually explore our wicked side. Our members embrace their sexuality, openly explore their naughty side and celebrate sex.Find local sex, casual hook-ups and discreet ffrancis buddies near Ada If you have made it this far, you are probably interested in meeting local fuck buddies in Ada or maybe further afield.“The highest priority must be placed on ensuring the defense of Oklahomans’ religious freedom under the law,” Hunter wrote.