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It’s the kind of toxic stew that tabloid stories are made of but instead of exploiting Houston, Macdonald digs deep to tell the story, presenting both a biography and a cautionary tale of excess.

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From her youth, the daughter of musical legend Cissy Houston and a dodgy official in the Newark government, as a bullied girl with a beautiful voice to a superstar who became the only artist to have seven consecutive U. number one singles, Macdonald sets the stage with dozens of interviews with the singer’s family, friends and associates.

He emphasizes the chasm between Houston’s public girl-next-door image with her considerably more wild private life.

The heart knows what it wants, even if it is a cold, un-beating heart.

They hit it off, but it turns out Ericka might have an ulterior motive for returning Drac’s advances.

“Gotta be great-a than the hatas,” says one monster. WHITNEY: 4 STARS Like the recent Amy Winehouse documentary, which tells the story of a prodigiously talented woman lost in life to a lifestyle that she couldn’t or didn’t want to control, “Whitney” is a study of a very public downfall.

Director Kevin Macdonald is tasked with telling the all-too-common story of the rise-and-fall of an icon.

He’s forlorn, hasn’t had a date in 100 years and his voice-activated dating app is no help. She books passage on the monster cruise of a lifetime, a journey into the heart of the Bermuda Triangle.

Once onboard, Drac immediately falls for Captain Ericka (Kathryn Hahn).

“Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation” is filled with the easy sentimentality that mars Sandler’s live action films.

Good messages about acceptance—“We’re here, we’re hairy and it’s our right to be scary!

At three times the height of the Empire State Building, The Pearl is one of the world’s greatest architectural achievements -- but is it safe?