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But was he paid by British intelligence services to help kill Princess Diana?And what about Al Fayed's claim that the princess was killed because she was pregnant?Robert Forrest, one of England's leading forensic toxicologists, to see if he could find any evidence of a mistake or a cover-up."This is the first time I have seen these data and it has been absolutely fascinating," says Forrest.

Billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed has relentlessly accused the British government of orchestrating the death of Princess Diana, and his son, Dodi.Al Fayed, who has refused numerous requests to talk to 48 Hours, believes that his son and Diana were killed in order to prevent the princess from marrying his son, a Muslim, and having his child.One claim that has made is that Paul wasn't drunk at all that night – but that the French switched the blood samples either by accident or on purpose.48 Hours provided the forensic data from the French dossier to Dr."I went to the wreckage to see what was going on inside," says Maillez, who tended to the seriously injured princess after the crash. She didn't have any injuries, main injury on her face. She didn't speak at all."Eerie black and white photos, taken just moments after the crash, have never been shown until now.

Part of the official report, they were confiscated from the paparazzi who were chasing the couple that night. She was a pretty woman, and even a few hours before she died, she's still pretty," says lawyer Virginie Bardet, who saw the confidential French dossier when she defended three of the seven photographers who were initially accused of causing the accident. Thursday at the use of the photos taken moments after a car accident.

Britain's tabloid newspapers gave the story prominent, outraged coverage on Thursday.

CBS News released an official statement Wednesday: Tonight's (21) edition of 48 Hours Investigates is a one-hour report on Princess Diana that addresses the circumstances surrounding her death almost seven years ago.

"I think they did a very thorough job," says Mac Kay. We found documents that reveal a number of significant bank deposits in French francs made by Paul, beginning nine months before the crash.

French investigators were unable to pinpoint the exact source of the mysterious money, but the dossier reveals that they searched Paul's home and office, interviewed his friends and associates, and analyzed his phone records.

Instead, it was the fault of Henri Paul, the driver of Diana's car, who was impaired by alcohol and prescription drugs.