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Her later lovers included both the local prosecuting attorney, Howard "Rusty" Cain Jr., and his son, Trey.

She flaunted her other romances to whichever man she was with at the time, say friends and family. The first was Randall Wayne Sharp, who took his vows with 19-year-old Billie Jean Mc Knight on the diving board of a family friend's swimming pool.

Meetcha provides two-way compatibility by matching people based on their interests. It also lets people take control over who they discover and date in personals with the ability to drill down by location interests, age, gender, and more. She could cut you so low it would take a stepladder to climb onto a match box." Harp suspects that her long-term affair with Rusty Cain developed after the death of Randy Sharp and continued throughout Harp's two-year marriage to her.Billie Jean's family also dates the relationship to Sharp's death.This online database is updated approximately every 24 hours; recent changes in the status of the Warrants may not be reflected.

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"She would call them up on the phone and let them know what she was doing and anger them.

"Over the years, she developed a long line of people that probably weren't too happy about having her around.

Phillips' sexual activity has helped confuse the three-year effort, says Prosecuting Attorney Terry Jones of Fayetteville, who has been in charge of the official investigation.