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When Spider left his job on principle, he decided to take a trip to India.Toyah couldn't face going that far away and Spider left without her.She returned to Weatherfield later that year after leaving Toby.

Toyah and Spider eventually became a couple after spending the night together on the Red Rec while watching the solar eclipse (amongst other activities).

They lived together at Emily Bishop's house for a short while, but she put them out after they disobeyed the rules regarding sex in the house.

Characters not currently appearing on the show and certain very notable dead characters have their own section with brief descriptions at the bottom of the page. He made a surprise reappearance 42 years later in 2008 in which he was evicted by crooked businessman Tony Gordon, and later got into a feud with him which nearly led to him being strangled to death. Ken would never forgive Mike for the affair although Mike and Deirdre would remain friends until his death.

Only current characters have full character sheets since doing one for the hundreds that have existed in the show's history would probably be a lifelong project. He lodged with Coronation Street resident Minnie Caldwell who had a fondness for him and referred to him as "Sunny Jim". Mike always liked Deirdre and that turned into an affair in 1983 unfortunately Deirdre decided to stay married to Ken.

Accepted a museum job in Wales and left Julie Carp. He was fired from the show in September 2016 for making racist tweets. Left the Street after Hayley was diagnosed with cancer (without on-screen explanation until after) and is currently living elsewhere with her sister Jean. A few years later he would meet Alma Sedgewick, arguably the love of his life who he then dumped for a young blond tart.

Returned briefly in 2015 and took Julie Carp away with him on a round the world cruise. Formerly a petty thief that tried to rob Number 8 and whom Gail met in a restorative justice programme in prison before he was released. Died of a heart attack after sneaking in trying to uncover Pat Phelan's scheme. Onscreen, has left after being caught cheating and is living with other relatives in Newcastle. This would be a pattern for them and they would break up and get back together several times for much the same reason.

Died of a heart attack in January 2008; appeared in ghostly form when Jack died two years later. Owned the factory over the road (amongst other things), for most of its existence starting as Baldwin's Casuals and then after it became Underworld.

It was revealed that Danny was actually Mike's son.

Died when faulty wiring on her hair dryer electrocuted her and started a fire in her home.

Portrayed by Christopher Harper, Nathan Curtis was the ex-fiancee of Bethany Platt and manager of a tanning salon but in reality he was a sociopath in charge of an abusive sex ring which focused on teenagers or young adults.

He was finally arrested and sent to prison with his partners.