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Creating that support through effective cross-examination and defense strategy is challenging.

Not all defense lawyers are equally skilled and experienced in handling cases involving these extremely serious charges.

The hardline approach to sentencing for a Kansas Jessica’s Law offense has exponentially increased the prison terms served by those convicted of the specified child sex crimes on or after July 1, 2006.

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A Kansas Jessica Law offense is a sexual crime not governed by the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines Grid.

Crimes outside the scope of the Sentencing Guidelines Grid are typically referred to as “off-grid” crimes in Kansas.

Some examples of when a judge may be compelled to make a downward departure are: Defense for a Kansas Jessica Law offense begins at the first sign of investigation. are also licensed to practice law in the state of Missouri.

If you or a loved one have been implicated in a sexual offense, please contact attorney John De Marco for a consultation about the case.

In these cases, information contained in the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s report (S. The alleged victim is frequently emotional and jurors are naturally sympathetic.

In today’s “Me Too” rape culture, jurors are hesitant to support anyone accused or sexual impropriety.

Being accused of a felony sex crime in this state can mean loss of personal freedom, family and social prospects.

A good attorney knows the seriousness of these realities, and will be prepared to fight against adverse outcomes for their client.

Almost every state has a version of Jessica’s Law, which is designed to bring down harsh punishments for child sex offenders.

Kansas legislature wrote its version of Jessica’s Law which was signed into law by the Governor in 2006.

While the Kansas Jessica’s Law is strict, it does allow the judge some discretion in sentence mitigation if compelling reasons are found.