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Completing all the necessary name change documentation prior to your wedding is recommended in order to expedite the name change process.A proxy marriage, also known as a "proxy wedding," is when one or both partners to be married are unable to physically attend the ceremony.

Once it expires, it can no longer be used to get married.

Unfortunately, you'll just have to get a brand new one as your expired one will no longer be recognized as valid by the state nor by the person who will be responsible for officiating your marriage.

So, how do you protect yourself when you try online dating?

Bruce Anderson, director of Cyber Intelligence & Investigations, encourages cyber-daters to conduct a background check.

The missing person, or persons, will have someone "stand in" for them and serve as their "proxy." No, getting married by proxy is not allowed in Vermont.

There are actually only five states left that do allow marriage by proxy.

If you're getting married in the state of Vermont you must first apply for a wedding license at any in-state county clerk office.

These offices, some of which are referred to as the "marriage license bureau," are usually located in the county probate court or circuit court.

No, common-law marriages are not allowed in Vermont.

This is unsurprising as only one-fifth of the country currently recognizes common law marriage.

There is an online marriage name change kit that you can use and complete before or after your marriage takes place.