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RAS: Yeah, you know, I think that the most logical suspect right there in front of us is that, and the person who heard Hermione—other than Fred—say that was Veronica, when she said, “Talk to Archie. " I think that’s a big, big question that's on Veronica’s mind, at least at the beginning of the season, as it is for our other characters as well.

Your father does not want to be in business with Fred Andrews. Glamour: There was some interesting foreshadowing in the scene where Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead are at Pop's having milkshakes.

But out of the gate, the big central question is: Who shot Fred Andrews? Glamour: Is Luke Perry (Fred Andrews) returning next season as a series regular? [] All I can say is we love Luke, and he is definitely going to be in the season premiere. Archie is the hero of but in season one he wasn’t tested the way heroes often are.

He becomes a true hero when he saves Cheryl Blossom, and he was the only person that could have done that. But in terms of the mythic hero's journey, what happens at the end of the finale is sort of like the equivalent of Bruce Wayne seeing his parents gunned down and he vows to become a bat to fight crime.

Penelope Blossom only makes things worse for her daughter by saying the family has always been cursed. Luckily, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead arrive just in time, and Archie saves Cheryl from the unthinkable.

But Cheryl's not the only one struggling mentally (she also sets Thornhill on fire).

Jason vowed to expose his father, but he was abducted by the serpent Mustang, who was later murdered by Cliff.

(Cliff masked Mustang's death as an overdose.) Cliff tried to implicate Hiram Lodge as the mastermind of the entire operation, but that plan pretty much went up in flames (as did Thornhill, but more on that in a minute).

Archie emerges, and Fred gives him a look as if to say don't interfere, but it's too late.

Fred gets up, and Archie lunges in front of his dad as the gunman fires shots.

packed more twists and turns into its season one finale than perhaps any other teen drama.

(We're warning you now—if you haven't seen tonight's finale, then stop reading.) Let's get right to it.

They extend an offer to Jughead to make him one of them now, as Betty—completely troubled by what's happening—looks on.