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Or they might act deeply by changing the entire culture of the Democratic Party, so that Democrats think about identity politics less, identity politics activists are marginalized within party circles, white working class activists are promoted within party circles, party-aligned media sources focus more space on the plight of the white working class, et cetera.

It might be that appealing to the white working class really is the most important way to win elections, but that in the real world “identity politics” surrounding minority groups are a more important or more tractable issue, where government interventions can help far more people.Or it might be that raving about your Grand Vision is the best way to get elected, but that most of the low-hanging fruit for helping people right now does involve wonkish tinkering around with very complicated parts of health care regulation. The Republicans have an electoral strategy based on a Grand Vision talking about how the elites in Washington have become corrupt and sold out the country to Big Government.There was an article like this on Financial Times, and another one in Current Affairs.So what I’m wondering is: are Financial Times and Current Affairs taking their own advice?She talked too much about managerial competence and not enough about her Soaring Vision 5.

She was too “we’re all in this together” and not enough “us vs.If a news source decides to report via emotional appeals rather than facts, their ideology’s thinking is taking place through emotional calculations and not factual ones.Or to put this another way – a lot of the conversation assumes a divide between two natural categories – elites and the public.There’s a lot of debate over what Hillary did wrong in her campaign, and how the Democrats can change before 2018 or 2020. For example, should she have supported expanding Medicare to everyone?Should she have been tougher on immigration to preempt some of Trump’s support?Their trouble repealing Obamacare seems like the most glaring example – there just wasn’t enough overlap between reality-based policies that made political sense, and policies that legislators could support without worrying about getting primaried by Tea Party types accusing them of selling out.