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The Russians were amazed that she had allowed such behaviour.

Haydar said they had not known a woman could enjoy sex so it had not occurred to his wife that she had been treated unfairly.

It further posits the idea that the continued refusal of the independent Tajik state to offer appropriate treatments for sexual dysfunction is consistent with the image of modernity President Rahmon wishes to present to the world.

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While it appears that men enjoy more freedoms than women, in many ways this is illusory.

They may have greater physical and sexual mobility but the pressures to conform to gender norms are no less intense, as this paper will demonstrate.

This article examines the relation of the state to masculinity and sexuality by way of an exploration of the sexual problems of a young man and his wife in Tajikistan at the end of the Soviet era.

It suggests that the regime’s inattention to this kind of issue was bound up with the importance to the state of projecting appropriate versions of masculinity.

Eventually, our work expanded to include sex education and the training of sex-education teachers for schools, as well as sexological training for psycho-social counsellors and medical practitioners.

unfortunately even more so, although in perhaps a different sense from that intended by the editors of this volume.

That afternoon, Haydar went home and attempted to try out what he had learned. Haydar protested his innocence but Sitora wouldn’t believe him.

Sitora became furious, accusing him of having a lover and of practising on his wife the tricks he had learned with his mistress. Every night he tried to give her pleasure in bed and every night she refused to allow it.

However, the myth of male dominance persists to the point that it may prevent women from seeing beyond their subordination and finding mutually beneficial solutions in their familial and sexual relationships.

Human sexual behaviour is to a very large extent informed by gender norms that prescribe, and indeed proscribe, certain types of conduct.

Gradually she got used to sex, although she still did not like it and found it unfortunate that Haydar wanted it so often.