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He is legally to blame for his new blog here, and in his spare time he fools around trying to shirk meeting the overwhelming demand for his freelance work, some of which can be read here. When called upon to do so, he can explain in Greek, French, Italian, and English. Noreen: Noreen is a talented writer, graphic designer, and chef. Now with three daughters of her own in elementary school, Terynn continues to write children’s fiction and has entered the realm of blogging.

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Scott: Scott is a long time paramedic and fire fighter who has obviously particular expertise in the medical field and the human body in general.

He also has an extensive background in physics, specializing in the fundamental forces.

We must modify the perception that nakedness is a offense that should be penalized by the law.

A lewd act should be penalized but a nude body isn’t a motive to be detained or punished. I have consistently found it interesting how different people define their “first time” nudist encounter.

She was becoming hot and after much whining she also carried of her swimsuit and went for a dip at the lake.

I really don’t understand why being naked is a crime if you’ve a designated location where it could be legal to be without your clothes.

It was not until early adulthood that I eventually said, nope, this is not bizarre, it isn’t a period — it is pure, it’s wholesome, it’s authentic, it is interesting, and it’s lovely. My first “social” experience was not at a club or a beach or anything like that. It was the night I got up the nerve, turned to my wife and said, “I believe I’d like to be nude around the home sometimes….because I enjoy it.

Obviously, she knew I clearly appreciated being naked, but I had never sought out time to be nude only for the pure enjoyment of it. I will never forget the exhilaration of walking into our living room, only minutes after, completely nude.

Deborah spends hours searching for her car keys and has been named the CMA and ACM Large Market Personality of the Year. She has worked in a bookstore, as a secretarial assistant, as a publishing intern, and most recently as a nanny. Previously a corporate robot for an up-market chocolate company, she is now a freelance writer who enjoys working from home in her pajamas and 1-Up mushroom beanie. Matt is a writer, comedian, and winner of multiple “good effort” ribbons. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, two sons and a cat. When not helping researchers find pictures, he writes Noted and Blogged for NYPL and tweets about random wonders of the universe. His passions include frolicking with his family, reading Scandinavian crime fiction, and tending his pet iguana. Karl Smallwood Karl Smallwood is a freelance writer who graduated from university in 2012 with a degree in Media. in History and English with a concentration in Creative Writing.

Sleep-deprived and addicted to Starbucks, she has a passion for writing and also blogs at a Momanda Microphone. Emily is a recent graduate of Hollins University with a B. in English with a concentration in creative writing. With an Honours degree in English Literature and History, and a Masters in Museums Studies, Tegan is a sucker for all things old and dead. Although particularly interested in all things Fortean, Melissa also loves history and cooking. Jeremy Megraw is a photograph librarian and blogger for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Check out Terynn’s Today I Found Out articles here.

We simply wanted seclusion to locate some peace and relish the sun.