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In addition, with our online friendship service, by creating just one profile not only can you meet new friends, pen pals or pen friends online but also find someone special with our dating community, and sports friends with our fitness community in UK England or worldwide. I would like to meet some like-minded ladies like myself to hopefully become friends and acquaintances. Hello, I'm a young 44 year old who has his own home and business which are both based in Portsmouth.

I graduated from Art school 4 years ago so it is my life blood.

Would love to talk to anyone with similar interests.

I'm separated within the last year and I'm looking for a lady for friendship and to be good company ideally with interests of being outside, general exercise, plus walking etc. I came across this site by accident and I am hoping first and foremost I find a friend.

I'm a person that's active with an interesting outlook, good conversation and good humour for fun times and good company. I have been single for a lifetime as I put my social activities on hold while I raised my son and daughter.

Looking for people to talk to from a all around the world, however I have a new found passion for France and am looking for new friends to communicate with and to improve my knowledge of the French language and people to meet up with so I don't have to be in France by myself anymore I'm a Cancerian although I don't follow star signs etc.... They have both grown and gone to live their own lives now, I am here trying to work out where to go next.