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Lovers are notorious for trying to stamp their territory, meaning love-bites or scratches on the back might need to be hidden.

Cheating means lying and that is always a stressful thing to do.

They’ll want to avoid any PDAs with you in case they get spotted by their lover.

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This might include a new gym routine, better hygiene (more showers, particularly right when he gets home), experimentation with new grooming products and new clothes.The spare tire that he used to complain about (but didn’t fix) has started to disappear.SERIAL cheats can be very good at keeping their affairs under wraps, but subtle tells can still give them away.Staring at you more and changing their grooming rituals are all signs that they could be playing away, according to analysis from TV body language expert Judi James. Body language analyst Judi James gives The Sun her top 12 red flags...When you mention the colleague’s name they suddenly become forgetful as they struggle to look nonchalant and play for time to avoid looking or sounding guilty.

Another ploy is to suddenly pretend to fall out with the person they’re cheating with. " is a common comment from the partner when an affair is revealed.

Everything is locked, too, in case you decide to take a sneaky look at their messages.

All that cheating will re-boot his alpha behaviour like chest-splaying or leg-splaying.

When old habits start to get broken for no reason ask yourself who they’re trying to impress.

If a work colleague they’ve previously been talking about a lot suddenly vanishes from their conversations that is a very common sign of cheating.

Assessing Your Relationship Looking for Physical Changes in Your Partner Doing Some Investigating Observing Cell Phone Usage Community Q&A If you think your spouse or partner is cheating on you, you are not alone.