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A School of Phamacy was located in lated and marketed by a member of the N. Physicians, pharmacists, and dentists serving on the USP Com- mittee of Revision form the core for the development. Attempting to enter the store through the roof, the thieves fell through the ceiling, landing on a display of baby diapers which broke the fall. BEAUFORT Intruders broke into Bell's Drug Store in the early morning Tuesday, December 11, and broke out through the front window, after a tear gas bomb exploded in a safe they had opened. Rent— ,000 an- nual, or building is available separately. Then they test it, prove it, and transfer their data, experience and confidence for scale-up to commercial production. But, unlike the old druggists he admired so much, his work may take from 6 to 15 years per drug! I think you'll be very pleased at how your ideas are received because they want and need to know what our needs are. BOARD OF PHARMACY— Regular April Meeting^Jefferson Room WOMAN'S AUXILIARY— Buses Depart for Governor's Mansion WOMAN'S AUXILIARY— Tour and Coffee— Governor's Mansion T. Johnson, Convention Chairman, Presiding CALL TO ORDER N. He is the author of "Executive Speaking — an ac- quired skill," a popular book used by many top executives. features him in six professionally produced color motion pictures in the management/ motivational fields, and distributes these films throughout the world. Powell is a colorful personality who has had several dis- tinguished careers, as a construction en- gineer, Commander in the US Navy, and as an executive in private business and in gov- ernment. And our Customer Retail Service Pack- age is an extra bonus. Burgiss Nominations ATTENDANCE PRIZES ANNOUNCEMENTS ADJOURNMENT Roosevelt Room Norfolk suit Tuesday Night *t CENTENNIAL DINNER— Presidential Ballroom. VAPORS, VAMPS AND VOGUE— Musical, Historical Fashion Show, sponsored by Justice Drug Co. t CENTENNIAL BALL— Music by the Charlie Brown Band Special Musical Intermission — "That Ole Gang Chorus." SPONSORED BY THE TRAVELING MEMBER'S AUXILIARY ADMISSION TO ALL FUNCTIONS BY CONVENTION BADGE t Centennial or period costumes are appropriate * Dinner reservations and tickets through NCPh A THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 11 WOMAN'S AUXILIARY, NCPh A Sunday, April 13, 1980 a.m. t Centennial Luncheon and Awards Session — Roosevelt Room p.m. 1 100th Anniversary Dinner and Opening Session — Guest Speaker — Presidential Ball Room Monday, April 14, 1980 a.m. Tour — Art Museum Mordecai House and Gardens, Andrew Johnson House — Sponsored by Wake County Pharmaceutical Auxiliary p.m. t Centennial Ball — Presidential Ball Room Music by Charlie Brown's Band Intermission Entertainment: "That Ole Gang Chorus" Sponsored by TMA '" Dinner reservations and tickets through NCPh A **Hats and Gloves encouraged 'Centennial or period costumes are appropriate February/March, 1980 - p.m a.m. If you have not had a program in your area, it is hoped you will take the leadership in working with your local county unit of the American Cancer Society to plan a program. Help is avail- able and all educational materials and films will be provided, (free) to you. Sarah Ann Sasser, President NOTE FOR PHARMACISTS: Professional Education films and materials on Cancer are available for pharmacists. By doing so you will permit the pharmacist to substitute a less expensive drug product thereby saving your patient money. Inquiries should be directed to Ruth Som- merville or Bertha Cook, FDA Division of Drug Information Resources. DRUG RECALL Beta-Val Cream 0.1%, 15 and 45 Gm tubes, lot numbers 90887, 91787, manufactured by Premo Pharmaceutical, Hackensack, NJ, and distributed by H. Please check your stock at once and return any tubes to H. It is important that all pharmacy providers use the NEW claim forms and discard their old (single recipient) claim forms, since the computer will not ac- cept the old format after April 1. In dress, habits, manners, provincialism, routine and narrowness, he acquired that charming insolence, that irritating completeness, that sophisticated crassness, that overbal- anced poise, that makes the Manhattan gentleman so delightfully small in his greatness. If there ever was an aviary over-stocked with jays it is that Yaptown-on-the-Hudson called New York. East is East, and West is San Francisco, according to Californians. Name of School of Pharmacy located in Greensboro prior to 1915. HICKORY An undetermined quantity of drugs was taken from the Viewmont Pharmacy, Mon- day, January 21. oral tabs Group Life And Health Insurance Benefits For Members Of North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association Pilot Life Insurance Company is pleased to have been selected as the Group insurance carrier for the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association. asking the information about the pro- gram's services be distributed to each community pharmacist in the area. • The information is the consensus of a nationwide system to obtain drug use information that the prescriber can expect the dispenser to consider in monitoring drug use and in counseling the patient. Four new members were appointed and six members were re-appointed. Service in Wholesale Quantitie THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 19 MIDWAY Thieves broke into the Midway Pharmacy over the Thanksgiving holiday, but nothing was taken. Now at Upjohn as a Research Head, Pharmacy Research, Sherrn directs pharmacists/ scientists who develop every aspect of a new drug— purity, potency, bioavailability, shape, color, shelf life. Tell them you need a higher welfare fee, tell him/her how you feel about a 2 line Rx pad, how you feel about your rights to substitute, how you feel about what ever is on your mind. BUSINESS SESSION— Washington Room WOMAN'S AUXILIARY— BUSINESS SESSION WOMAN'S AUXILIARY— LUNCHEON AND INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS p.m. SHORE, CLU and Associates 821 Baxter Street-Suite 316 Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 Telephone (704) 333-3764 UUasninqton national INSURANCE COMPANY Evanston, Illinois 60201 ■ A Washington National Corporation Financial Service Company o THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 7 Convention program 100TH ANNUAL MEETING NORTH CAROLINA PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Raleigh, North Carolina OPENING SESSION AND 100TH ANNIVERSARY DINNER* Presidential Ballroom The Hilton Inn Sunday, April 13, 1980 Seven-thirty o'clock Jerome K. Edwards, Minister First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh •DINNER WELCOME TO THE CITY Mr. Walters, Mayor Pro-Tem City of Raleigh THE PRICE TAG OF FREEDOM J. LEWIS "JOE" POWELL, PRESENTS "THE PRICE TAG OF FREEDOM" SUNDAY NIGHT, APRIL 13, P. Powell is a dynamic, articulate, professional speaker who has the unique ability to make thought provoking ideas highly entertaining. As drug- gists in North Carolina and beyond discover our service and facilities, they like it. Miller, President, presiding Roosevelt Room THE UNC SCHOOL OF PHARMACY & THE N. Miller, President, presiding COMMITTEE REPORTS Public and Professional Relations Continuing Education Institutional Pharmacy Pharm Pac Delivery of Pharmaceutical Services Social and Economic Relations GREETINGS Mrs. D., Associate Director Pharmacy Affairs NCPh A CENTRAL OFFICE AND FISCAL AFFAIRS A. Mebane, III, Executive Director CLOSING REPORTS Time and Place Resolutions Registrar — Tom R. t Reenactment of First Association Meeting — Senate Chambers, State Capitol Building p.m. Reception in Rotunda — State Capitol Building — Sponsored by Wake County Pharmaceutical Society * p.m. Museum of History (including the current pharmaceutical exhibit) Golf and tennis available at the Raleigh Country Club (Information at convention registration desk) Social Hour — Sponsored by N. Wholesalers Tuesday, April 15 Buses begin loading for Governor's Mansion Tour of Governor's Mansion Coffee at Governor's Mansion — Sponsored by Wake County Pharmaceuti- cal Auxiliary Business Session Luncheon — Installation of Officers and Entertainment Buses begin loading for Oakwood Tour t Centennial Dinner — Presidential Ball Room "Vapors, Vamps and Vogue" — a musical historical fashion show — Sponsored by Justice Drug Company p.m. (Cancer leaflets are available at no charge) NOTE: April is Cancer Education Crusade Month. It is hoped that pharmacy wives will take the leadership in the community to organize at least one cancer education program. we can help create a professional image for pharmacy as a part of the health team in the community by promoting impor- tant health projects and "caring enough" to safeguard the health of others. When you feel that a generic substitute would be medically appropriate for your pa- tient, we would encourage you to sign the pre- scription blank on the left. Pharmacists can now call (301) 443-3700 in Washington, DC, and learn whether SPECIFIC drug products appear in the Approved Drug List published by FDA. New Britain, CN, has been recalled be- cause of contamination with Pseudomonas Cepacia. MEDICAID FORMS REQUIRED Effective April 1, 1980, all North Carolina Medicaid claims must be submitted on the new claim form (multi-recipient form), re- gardless of the date of service according to Shelton Brown, Medicaid Program Director, The Computer Company. (Selections from A Treasury of Great American Quotations, by Charles Hurd, Hawthorne Books, Inc., New York) 1. Two watches were taken, but noth- ing else was reported missing. Heller, Executive Director 12601 Twinbrook Parkway Rockville, MD 20852 (301)881-0666 PHARMACY CONSULTANTS N. Division of Medical Assistance Benny Ridout, Consultant 336 Fayetteville Street Mall Insurance Building Raleigh, NC 27601 (919) 733-6775 N. Division of Health Services Office of Pharmacy Services Charles D. oral tabs Thyroid 0.5, 1 & 2 grain oral tabs Warfarin Sodium (Endo's Coumadin) 2, 2.5, 5 & 7.5 mg. CHARLOTTE KERNERSVILLE FAYETTEVILLE If You * Yc WILMINGTON RALEIGH DURHAM Krow Photo* imshing ;r Photofinisher November, 1980 THE CAROLINA JOURNAL OF PHARMACY 4.

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