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Consider showing alternative terms from other English varieties in parentheses on their first appearance.

For example, articles about musical intervals on Wikipedia currently feature an interval infobox on the top left listing information such as name and size, followed by a picture of music notation of the interval on C.At some point in between cited well known examples of songs or pieces beginning with the interval are given.Other Mo S subpages are linked in the menu to the right.If the Mo S does not specify a preferred usage, please discuss the issue on the talk page.Opus and work numbers are used to identify specific compositions within the catalogue of specific composers.

Measure numbers are used to identify specific parts of compositions.An article in Wikipedia should use one national variety of English consistently.This principle applies to music terminology: use musical terms from the variety of English in which the article is written.If used on Wikipedia the terms should not be italicized and not capitalized (Chicago 15, 8.204) The en dash rather than the hyphen must be used for ranges of numbers (measures 1–4 rather than measures 1-4).While "Op." may remain unlinked, specific catalogue designations should be linked: "BWV 1079".For modern works, the key or index number may not exist, but the genre or performing force should always be specified.