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(You can follow Icenhauer’s on Twitter to see who's playing when.)The cocktail bar for people who prefer a dive to a lounge,is just sleek enough, an update saloon with chandeliers, and a friendly bartender making a memorable Old Fashioned with house-made pecan syrup and a silly name. We could spend a couple hours in this mellow spot that doesn’t take itself—or its drink names (Matthew Pecanaughey, anyone? By the year 2021, the livestreaming industry will reportedly be a billion business.And a quick glance at the Diamond leadership boards within the app shows that top creators are making serious bank — in some cases as much ,000 per month.

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It also benefits from a huge backyard with a Via 313 Detroit-style pizza truck permanently parked there.

(Order the figgy Cadillac to split with friends—you won't regret it.) The vibe is fun and casual, and it's hard to beat a beer-and-pizza combo after a day of running around.

Today, its top 20 creators reportedly take home ,000 on average every month.

While and have birthed their own batch of homegrown influencers, including ‘Baby’ Ariel Martin and Jacob Sartorious, digital veterans like You Tube’s Bart Baker have also found massive success on the platforms.

In October, launched another monetization opportunity for creators with, wherein viewers can buy merchandise — including T-shirts, hats, accessories, and music downloads — promoted by their favorite streamers.

You can also check out which broadcasters are performing the best on the platform by checking out our very own Tubefilter Top 50 Broadcaster rankings right here.

Just south of downtown Austin is a two-block row of houses that seems like any other suburban stretch. Venture into this relaxed section of town, and you'll find some of the best bars in the city. If you want the absolute best cocktail around, go to .

The inside is dark and moody, begging you to try a stiff, spirit-forward Kentucky Colonel over murmured conversation, but the outdoor patio is all strung white lights and picnic benches, a better fit for a jaunty congnac-and-rye julep.

Throw in a selection of gourmet sausages and a huge outdoor seating area—perfect for the balmy weather Austin is expecting this weekend—and it’s basically the beer garden to end all beer gardens.

has all the trappings of a classic dive bar, with its weathered-wood floors and loud, live music.

Today, the livestreaming medium has taken on many forms, including musical performances, gaming walkthroughs, eating shows, virtual sleepovers, or straightforward dialoguing with fans.