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I have nothing against pure stroke stories, but don't want to expend my time editing a plotless stroke story.

If you have a pure stroke story with a plot, we can talk.

Comments: I'm a 40 year old male residing in Bangalore, India. Alternate email : [email protected]: Currently editing for 4 writers on SOL.

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I've been around on Storiesonline and before it on ASSTR and the newsgroups for longer than I'd care to admit, and in that time I've worked with and edited for a number of well known writers of erotica.Some of the better known writers I've worked with over the years include: aroslav and Ezzy B (currently), the_scribbler, Strickland83, Gina Marie Wylie, Warlord, El Sol, and Don Lockwood, among many others. ;)Turn Offs: Extreme violence, ws, abuse treated erotically, pure stroke stories.If necessary I can also do the proofreading, but I also know of a number of excellent proofreaders and copyeditors that I've often worked with who may be willing to take on another author.As a rule, another set of eyes during editing/proofreading passes is always good!Comments: Hours per week could be more or less, if I go visit family. I know everyone is on a timeline, but I will not let spelling and grammar pass just to get the story out.

Correct, positive, and right the first time means you do not have to go back and redo it. Comments: Member of the Homonym Eradication Front (you know, all those its/it's, there/their/they're, principal/principle, discrete/discreet mistakes that tend to tell readers that you need to become a better writer).A bit of sex is fine, as long as it is part of the plot. Or, do they want me also to get into the text, offering suggestions on making the text less verbose, more concise, without inconsistencies? I don't enjoy extreme violence against very young people. Don't know what type of software is required but willing to purchase (within reason) any that would be required.And I am not overly fond of only male to male sex, I don't mind it as part of other combinations. Comments: Male, 65 year old born & live in Australia, wife can spell almost any word, love 4wd, landscaping, fishing, bit home bound since car accident, bad back and knees now, love my I Pad which I do most of my reading Credentials: Married (50 yrs.),blue coller male,70 yr. Willing to build a relationship as an editor then maybe do some fledgling attempts as a writer.Comments: I have extensive martial arts and stage combat background if you need fight scenes.I'm also in healthcare and have long experience with ICU and trauma patients if you're writing violence and it's outcomes.I'm comfortable editing both British and Australian English and general usage, however may not be fluent in slang or expressions.