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The Rule Based Service Level Agreements (RBSLA) project focuses on sophisticated knowledge representation concepts for service level management (SLM) of IT services.

Remarkably, the RBSLA approach in contrast to existing languages in the SLA domain such as WSLA, WSOL, WS-Agreement, is not just a pure syntactical specification language with predefined language constructs, but is a declarative rule-based programming language with an operational and a declarative logic- based semantics for formalizing and implementing arbitrary contract-related functionalities and specifications.

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It uses the Prova scripting lanugage (related to ISO Prolog syntax) to implement sophisticated (non-monotonic) logical formalisms (Event Calculus, Defeasible Ordered Logic, Defeasible Deontic Logic with Norm Violations and Exceptions etc.) using declarative logic programming techniques.

It provides a library of Prova script files which contain the different logic and metaprogramming implementations together with several Java based extensions Prova for example to execute active, multi-threaded Event Condition Action (ECA) rules (info) which are often used in SLAs.Of course, emoticons aren’t the only way to be flirtatious.What’s your ultimate goal when it comes to getting girls?Simply put, your first text message should mention what brought you together.Got me some romanesco, kohlrabi, salsify, celeriac, and kai-lan.This declarative implementation-oriented design provides maximum flexibility and extensibility for SLA representation including the use of different contract vocabularies written as Semantic Web ontologies such as WSMO, WS-Policy OWL ontology or KAo S and other ontologies such as OWL time, which can be integrated as external webized type systems into the logical SLA rules, giving them a domain-specific meaning.