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The Federal Violence Against Women Act (1994) was the first national legislation to specifically target domestic violence (DV) and other abusive behaviors toward women. Violence Against Women program in 1996 with monies the VAWA grant provided. Employees of the program regularly give speeches at other trainings or seminars in the state, as well. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division graciously provides this office with data necessary to bring to the attention of the public the growing need for strong action against domestic violence.

Please click on the programs’ related links for more information. The other is to train law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and victim advocates throughout the state about the causes, consequences and laws pertaining to domestic violence and sexual assault. Violence Against Women program acts as a clearinghouse for DV statistics.

These posters have tear off cards that provide women with information about where they can go to seek help. To request these posters for your business or organization, please email our office.

If a police officer has probable cause to believe any crime of domestic violence has occurred, including violation of a protection order, the officer may make an arrest with or without a warrant, even if the officer did not observe the offense. § 16-25-70.) South Carolina law punishes more severely certain acts of domestic violence. § 16-25-65.) A deadly weapon is an object that is usually used for the infliction of injury, such as a gun. The meaning of ”great bodily injury” is injury that creates a substantial risk of death or causes permanent disfigurement or sustained impairment. There is an exception if the defendant has legitimate business there. A household member who seeks a protection order (by filing a "Petition for an Order of Protection") is called a petitioner.

Domestic violence and gun ownership were widely discussed this past session in the South Carolina Legislature, which ultimately approved a bill aimed at stemming the state’s persistently high rate. Nikki Haley both increases penalties and gives prosecutors more options for punishment.

Charges will now be based on a combination of the severity of the abuse and the number of offenses and circumstances surrounding the crime. In a statement, Kristen Rand of the Violence Policy Center commended states including South Carolina for tackling the issue but said more improvement is clearly needed.

In order to count as a prior offense, the previous crime must have occurred within the past ten years and must (if it took place in another state) qualify as a domestic violence conviction under South Carolina’s laws.

Dating/Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviors used to exert power and control over a partner.

Dating/Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, social economics, education, age, religion, etc.

Dating/Domestic violence can also affect family, friends, co-workers and members in the community, in addition to the victim and abuser.

Ranking first among states for women murdered by men, South Carolina had a rate of 2.32 women killed per 100,000 people in 2013, the latest year for which statistics are available.

That’s more than twice the national average and represents 57 known deaths, compared with 50 a year earlier, according to the study.

Domestic violence and sexual assault remain a problem in the Palmetto State. Through the Violence Against Women Act, a grant was established in the Department of Justice. Within the program there are two special prosecutors, a program coordinator and a program assistant. In addition, the Office hosts an annual Silent Witness ceremony to remember the DV homicide victims from the preceding year. Training Information Join the Office of the Attorney General for a free, one-day training on domestic violence and sexual assault and related topics.