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Failure to do so is moving from a situation of consent to one which, in law, is assault.

The Spankees listed on the Spankees page are offering fun spanking games with no sex or sexual contact.

Their listing is removed from the Spankee or Escort page but the following historical listing is not amended.

This is a list of people who tagged "Spanking" as an interest.

We do this because we want to support the thriving UK spanking community.

It is stressed that all spankers must respect the limits set by spankees.

Also, even these fun spankings must be fully consented to by the recipient.

To provide feedback, please e-mail me at Girls [email protected] site makes no claims to be comprehensive but it is the best there is at the moment.Although dedicated to UK spankees - I have included spankees from the English speaking countries, mainly the US.This site wins because it was created just for men and women who like to give and recieve spankings!No more weeding through profiles to find someone who shares your fetish, now you can become part of a a great community of like-minded people.This site manages to make most of my “best of” lists and here it is again.