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An Atari spokesman expressed satisfaction with ST sales last year, describing the machine as Ihe fastest-seling home computer t around within a month or two.

Quaflorba W Jon Elway leans on Ouarletba Advanced Computer Entertainment 9 METAL MOGGIES TAKE OVER Steve Cooke reports from the Earls Court Toy Fair...

AFTERBURNER Sega scotched PINK PAGES INTERVIEW iii-m'jf'Ni'j Midnight man's pla Atari have always had the greatest arcade games in the galaxy, now they're adding even more winners to the collection. W.1 biplane, to the brain-aching Archon battle of wits.

Whether you're landing the punches with Fight Night or using the awesome power of Thunderfox to blast the enemy, Atari give you the best com- bination of graphics speed and skill this side of Alpha Centauri.

26 Arcade Ace The Leaderboard hole-in-one controversy prompis certain readers to reach tor their clubs. 64 Updates We cast a critical eye over the latest conversions for your machine, including ST Test Drive.

Time Ban- dit on the Amiga - plus three new versions of the excellent Tefrrs.

Unlimited time on Que** BUY LINES 91 Adventures Bard's Tale II reviewed, together with news of Info- corn's Sherlock Holmes and Electronic Arts' Return to Atlantis Plus a Danish adventurer's tale ol toil and trouble as he plays an English game... when computers were regarded as 'hobbyist', we ali relied on the man in the street to provide us with software.

100 Subscription Save up to £4 o H a single game - and every one's a winner 1 99 Special Offers You reader, we crazy. The back pages of magazines were crammed full of ads for programs to do practically anything, from horoscopes to stock market options.

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