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Most of the information on this page has been obtained from historical documents I own, or have borrowed from Cardiff Central Library.

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445 AD ⁄ CE Apart from the first written reference of Cardiff in the Annates Cambriae (The Welsh Annals) there is not much mention of Cardiff between now and the 1st millennium, although we do know that the Romans started losing their grasp on Britain when they were overrun by Barbarians.Add to this the fact that the dreary climate was so different to where the Roman Soldiers were from (Romania, Spain and North Africa) that not only were the Romans finding it difficult to fight off the Barbarians, they were generally losing interest in this cold, isolated island.1081 - 1090Some 20 years after William, Duke of Normandy (AKA William the Conqueror) wins the Battle of Hastings in 1066, he marches on into Cardiff for his first and only visit after conquering Glamorgan.Further attacks later in the year and in 54 BC ⁄ BCE were also fruitless.43 AD ⁄ CEThe Roman general, Didius Gallus, was amongst the invasion force that finally managed to overcome the Welsh tribes in South Wales.Didius arranged for the building of a small wooden fort where the Castle now stands and some historians believe that this is where the City gets its name from - "Fort of Didius" (Caer Didi).

The Roman Empire, once in control of Britain, brought an era of peace and expansion to Wales.BC ⁄ BCE 1st - 11th Century AD ⁄ CE 12th Century AD ⁄ CE 13th Century AD ⁄ CE 14th Century AD ⁄ CE 15th Century AD ⁄ CE 16th Century AD ⁄ CE 17th Century AD ⁄ CE 18th Century AD ⁄ CE 19th Century AD ⁄ CE 20th Century AD ⁄ CE 21st Century AD ⁄ CE55 BC ⁄ BCEThe Roman Empire invaded Britain for the first time.The famous Roman general, Julius Caesar wanted revenge for the fact that Britons helped the French fight against the invasion.Are you aged 23 to 35, come and join like minded singles who enjoy live music on a Friday night. One ticket for 2 singles entry to this popular event as always. aff=es2 Please fill out the form below to make your booking and we will get back to you with a confirmation.We only reserve tables up until 8.30pm Friday and Saturday nights.Pews Bar & Courtyard however does not just serve the best selection of drinks, it has a great mix of being a chilled-out, friendly but lively bar.