Speed dating college campus

As silly as our game might have seemed, I had more students stop and inquire about our organization than the average campus appearance.

I have a sign on my desk which reads, "Treat volunteers like donors," reminding me that donated time and talents are just as valuable as a financial contribution.

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“Political Speed Dating is a great way to get your first step into that realm of discussing politics,”Ruscheinski said.

“It’s set up to be less intimidating than sitting in a class lecture and speaking your mind.” The event will allow students to engage in dialogue and seek solutions to important political issues, Karma said.

Students across the political spectrum will have the opportunity to meet Tuesday at p.m.

for the 3rd annual Political Speed Dating to engage in political discourse.

However, the return on investment can be less than inspiring...

Going to a new volunteer fair is like speed dating.

These prompts will vary in range of social, economic, political and international scope, Mc Grew said.

Established in 2014, Bridge ND preceded Bridge USA, which was co-founded by Courtlyn Carpenter and Leigh Francia of the University of Colorado-Boulder, class of 2016 Notre Dame alumnus Patrick Kearney and current Notre Dame senior Roge Karma.

But this year, it will take place in the Oak Room above South Dining Hall.

Junior Kylie Ruscheinski, vice-president of Bridge ND, said the group looks forward to seeing the effects the new venue has on the success of the event and hopes to build on the positive feedback it has received the past two years.

Hosted by Bridge ND, a nonpartisan organization that seeks to provide a platform of diverse political opinions, this event offers students the opportunity to express their ideologies within a relatively contained setting, the club’s officers said.“We’re wanting to reach out to a variety of students from all different colleges to create a wide audience of political discussion from all different angles,” junior Christian Mc Grew, president of Bridge ND, said.