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and cheaper imitations under his own label)Hardinge (Cataract) (USA)Hammel, Riglander & Co. Bergeon is the only indigenous Swiss manufacture of watchmakers' lathes to have survived into the 21st century. There are thousands sitting unused whose owners will never get round to advertising them - a "wanted" advertisement might just encourage them to get in touch: Typically, the most valuable watchmakers' or instrument-makers' lathe would still be in its original wooden box with a wide range of equipment including as many of the following as possible: Compound slide rest - screw-feed or lever action Collets - a set of around 20 "Wire" (often called "split chucks"), Collets - "Wheel" type in a set of 5 or 6 Collets - "Ring Step" type in a set of 5 or 6Box Chuck Chuck conventional 3-jaw Self-centring (sometimes called a "Universal Chuck") in ring-scroll (knurled ring round the outside) and key-operated models, Chuck conventional 4-jaw Independent Cutting tools - as large a collection as possible The following "chucks" mounted on collets: Chucks - balance Chucks - box type with screws through the body to hold jobs Chucks - brass split type (sometimes called jewel type) to fit inside larger steel collets Chucks - button or crown usually in sets of 10Chucks - carrier for driving work between centres Chucks - circular-saw type Chucks - emery wheel Chucks - lantern in bronze or steel, Chucks - wax Chucks - wood screw Chucks - wood turning Compound Slide Rest Drill chuck for headstock or tailstock use Drilling plates - self-centring (a disc with a ring of holes each formed with a coned face to self-centre work)Drive Plate Eye glass on adjustable holder Fixed steady Jacot Drum Lapping attachment Pivoting attachment Saw table Sinking tools"Mandrel" - this has the appearance of a spare headstock with a "faceplate" attached and is used for super-precision work Micrometer-adjustable boring head Milling and Grinding Spindle, Pivot polisher Pivoting attachment Filing rest in single or double-roller types Rose cutters Screwcutting Attachment with a set of changewheels Sinking tools T-rest - the basic device to rest a tool against. If you are looking for one of these machine I would strong recommend advertising for one.However, it's very unlikely that the bed, headstock and tailstock will be from different manufacturers, but if they are, be wary.

In addition to known and recognised makers, a surprising number of watch lathes have been discovered bereft of any identification. Because there is considerable competition for accessories, if your basic lathe has to be equipped one part at a time much time, effort and money will be expended - hence, if you can, find a fully-equipped lathe; this will be a much better investment and a lot easier for you, or your heirs, to sell. Buying just a basic lathe with bed, headstock tailstock and T-type tool rest can be false economy - there are lots of these about, at attractively low prices, but the real value is in the extras that allow the lathe to be used as a miniature "machining centre" - as originally intended - to cut, for example, wheels (gears), mill small parts and hold tiny, awkwardly shaped mechanisms for repair and restoration. The item top left in the box is that most valuable of extras - a compound rest, used to hold a cutting tool manipulated under the control of screw-feed slides. On this model the compound slide was fitted as part of the standard equipment. Ball nut An English-made BTM "Geneva" pattern watchmakers' lathe (note the bar-like bed with, in this case, a flat at the back) complete in its maker's fitted wooden box with a range of useful accessories. A "WW" pattern lathe of a heavier pattern, admitting 230 mm between centres, and with feet at both end of the bed.Boley who offered their "bevelled-bed" model for re-badging by importers - two examples of this being the "English" Rawco and Telco.