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This is the term used most frequently by Rick Grimes's and Lee Everett's respective groups of survivors, and to refer to reanimated corpses who are not dormant.

Roamers are known to "roam" around looking for food.

The term "lurkers" is also used by some in Woodbury, Georgia.

The characters within The Walking Dead TV series and comic books come up with their own monikers and categorizations for the undead.

The term "zombie" originated with the Haitian practice of voodoo and refers to a person who is reanimated as a slave in the thrall of another person.

Oftentimes, lurkers have suffered some type of major injury or are otherwise in some kind of a weakened state, preventing them from walking around.

The term "lurker" is used most frequently in the Comic Series and Video Game.

Lurkers are the zombies that just sit around playing "dead" until something approaches them and then bite.

Lurkers can be the real threat because they can appear to be a dead corpse. In the TV Series, Hershel Greene had his leg bitten by a lurker and Rick had to amputate it to survive.Even when decapitated, the head will remain active, even though it would be practically harmless at such point.While the term "zombie" does exist within The Walking Dead universe, it is seldom used.You can move at your own pace without worrying about staying up with the group, as we will all stay connected throughout the run by the Gixo app.After Run Club, we tend to head back to Uncle Billy's to hang out and get to know each other. Just email [email protected] Gixo also offers hundreds of other live cardio, strength, and mobility classes every week. Gixo, our Run Club sponsor, is an innovative new fitness app.Reanimated human beings, while not immortal, will not "die" under typical conditions that would ordinarily cause the death of a living person.