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He comes clean to Hope that when he came back home, he fell and hit his head, knocking him unconscious and when he woke up the next morning saw Amber in his bed with him.

Hope believes and forgives him, but they end up drifting apart which Oliver sees as a chance to get back together with Hope.

Bill fires Liam when the Forresters decide to sue him and comes across a picture that Liam had left in his office.

Bill is shocked to see that the picture is that of his old college girlfriend, Kelly Hopkins.

Liam and Throne bond while they wait for the DNA test results to come in.

However, the tests showed that Bill is Liam's father, not Thorne.

As Liam is scolded by the Forresters for what he did, Liam blurts out that there is a possibility that Ridge could be his birth father.

Hope, feeling sorry for Liam, befriends him, and they bond, much to Oliver's dismay.

She then gets close to Liam, resulting in a friendship between the two.

He confides in Steffy his frustration with Hope's decision to wait until their wedding night to make love.

She's crushed, however, when he proposes to Hope at a fashion launch party.