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We definitely suggest having a stash of these handy for when the moment calls!

Our instructional guide will also provide some tips and suggestions for making the most of your sexy sticky notes.

), but adding peanut or almond butter or tahini (a sesame seed paste) can go a long way toward toning down that piquant dish.

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She did such an amazing job crafting each and every message into a beautiful design that will You can use our printable guide to print off various sexy messages right onto standard-sized sticky notes!

Then, you can have the perfect love note for when the timing is right!

Our instructional guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

With our template printing will only take a matter of minutes and you can print as many as you want!

He said not to worry, and that it was clear to him that I didn’t mean any harm, my coworker shouldn’t have been eating my food, etc. What confuses me is there was nothing said about this guy trying to steal my lunch. You are allowed to enjoy a unusually high level of spiciness (and as a fellow spice enthusiast, I commend you for it). Is he trying to claim that it was his lunch all along?

When I brought it up, they said something along the lines of “We cannot prove he stole anything.” I am confused at this. My boss is on my side, but HR seem to be trying to string me up. Even if my boss backs me up, they just ignore everything he says. You are not required to make sure that your own personal lunch doesn’t contain anything that might offend a coworker’s palate, as your coworkers should not be eating your food without any invitation. In any case, I think the way to handle this is to go a bit on the offensive, which is warranted based on how aggressive HR is being.

These of these as more of a sexy suggestive sticky love note.

Forget being subtle as you leave a note for you sweetie that sends a clear message!

Check out this video from our Dating Divas You Tube Channel to show you how you can easily print these fun and sticky love notes!

The Sexy Sticky Note pack includes dozens of flirty messages designed by the talented Courtney from the site Paperelli.

Whether you choose a message that is mild, medium or spicy – your spouse will get the message loud and clear with these printable sticky notes.