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With When dropping and re-creating a table or cluster, all associated indexes, integrity constraints, and triggers are also dropped, and all objects that depend on the dropped table or clustered table are invalidated.Also, all grants for the dropped table or clustered table are dropped.

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If all the rows must be deleted from an individual clustered table, use the statement has several options that control whether space currently allocated for a table or cluster is returned to the containing tablespace after truncation.These options also apply to any associated indexes.statement, significant system resources are consumed as the rows are deleted.For example, CPU time, redo log space, and undo segment space from the table and any associated indexes require resources.Statistics can be copied between databases or backup copies can be made.

The following If the structure is valid, then no error is returned.If a table, index, or cluster is corrupt, then drop it and re-create it.If a materialized view is corrupt, then perform a complete refresh and ensure that you have remedied the problem.Also, as each row is deleted, triggers can be fired.The space previously allocated to the resulting empty table or cluster remains associated with that object.Since typically most objects in a database are not corrupt, you can use this quick query to eliminate a number of tables as candidates for corruption and only use the ANALYZE statement on tables that might be corrupt.