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If not, select the \Steam\Steam Apps\Common\ folder yourself, and a secondary hard disk D:\, where I have created a folder.

Note that Steam Mover can be used to move any folder around (by changing the Source Path), but for Steam the maximum benefit is in moving individual games from the Common folder.

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Or do you have a super-fast SSD that is too small to hold all your steam games at the same time? Following on from a very interesting post on the Steam forums I've created a little app to make moving the files and creating the junction points much much easier!Here I have my steam folder in the default location, and the application should find that for you.Once finished, you will see that I have moved Left 4 Dead and World of Goo to my D:\ drive, but because of the Junction Points created on the C:\ drive the games continue to work in Steam.If you want to move games back to your C:\ drive, simply click on the left arrow button.Hardware-based DRM uses components of the PC such as the MAC address of network adapter(s) and serial number(s) of hard drive(s) to create a hash or signature which is used for identification of the PC in the DRM activation process.

When a game which incorporates this type of DRM is run, it checks that the current components of the PC match the hash/signature which was created and stored during the previously completed activation.

For DLC, however, the game will require an account either way.

This list will be categorized as such, as well as games that use EA Classic accounts.

Games falling into this “single-player only” category will be marked as such.

EA Accounts exist for two purposes: To activate and run the game.

I simply select a few games I don't play very often, and click the "Right Arrow" button.