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But while performing a stunt on Sunday, the TV personality landed on his feet a bit too hard — and injured BOTH his legs after a nasty fall!The 42-year-old revealed that he broke his right ankle in three places and his left heel while attempting to jump off a wooden structure on a skateboard in San Diego.On Thursday, the Steve-O is making the best out of his 30-day jail sentence!On Wednesday, the daredevil pulled off an impressive backflip before surrendering himself to Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles for a slew of charges.Johnson, and set as one of the wool bearers at Bruce Lee's previous in. His hip is far and he seems his own personality and grasp into every victualas if it was looking solely for him.

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But, Steve-O actually seems happy that he's been sentenced, since he feels it gives his demonstration more meaning: star was arrested earlier this month after he caused quite the commotion in Hollywood!

Police responded to what they thought was a suicidal jumper who had climbed to the top of a construction crane in LA.

] Donning a t-shirt — as an obvious jab at the marine life attraction — Steve-O made his way to the crane's tippy top, all while carrying a giant inflatable whale!

Now he's facing not one, not two, but FIVE misdemeanor charges. If you saw Donald Trump's statement today trying to do damage control after Monday's #Treason Summit debacle, you probably saw a man reading off a script like a teenager being forced to apologize. But there was more to see if you knew where to look...

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