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In fact, reading this article alone won't affect your comprehension very much but I wish you know the big picture and how thing works behind the scenes.Regarding these 10 fundamentals, some of them may not familiar to you, some of them are common sense but chances are you neglect them when comes to dating and relationships.Think yourself as a business, you want to promote yourself to the women you want to do business with, so you have to brand yourself.

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That depends on where's your starting point (how good your foundation with people is). People tend to judge someone by it's cover, and normally the judgment is 80% correct.Not to mention that women have great sixth sense and they look at things that normally we men would ignore.What are the fundamentals for success with women inevitably?You should already know that a relationship is the interaction of emotions between people, and there are three emotional needs (aka attraction types) will determine your quality of relationship.If you want to be successful with women, then you have to always strive to be the best person you can be.

Obviously, this doesn't only improve your dating and relationships, it also improves your other aspects of life.

So take care of your looks well, otherwise you don't even have chance to interact with her. Dress manly, eat healthy food, sleep well, workout, style your hair, whiten your teeth, clean your face, clear off unwanted hair, display confident body language, etc.

Do anything that you think can improve your looks, be consistent is the key.

When you respond appropriately to her need, she would feels have a connection with you, the bond is strengthen so she would be attached to you.

That's the moment she feels you are important in her life.

It's easy to read here and there but not taking any action. You must gain experience in real life, merely read stuffs at home about how to make friend and influence people without implement what you have learned is totally useless and wasting your time. If you aren't interested to read long article, then in short, looks do matter because you have to spark sexual attraction in her at the first place.