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Relationships are dubbed “mutually beneficial arrangements.” Brandon Wade, the founder and CEO of Seeking Arrangement, is a 42-year-old once-divorced MIT grad.

His wife, Tanya, is a gorgeous 27-year-old Ukrainian.

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To the people who call themselves sugar daddies and sugar babies, the word primarily connotes a lifestyle: an exclusive club for no-strings couplings.In her book, Lawson recommended women meet potential sugar daddies at upscale furniture stores and restaurants, health clubs and financial centres.“Melissa,” also unbeknownst to us, was one of Biderman’s employees. As a teen, Olivia didn’t get along with her mother, and, after dropping out of her Halifax high school, she moved out on her own and went on welfare.She discovered that her looks—bright blue eyes, perfect breasts, prairie-flat stomach—were her ticket to modelling gigs and bit parts in TV shows, but the work was sporadic and paid poorly.They met when he interviewed her for an administrative job at Seeking Arrangement.

When I ask him about the difference between sugar babies and hookers, Wade says that his mother, a housewife, has always received an allowance from his father. “In a sugar relationship,” he says, “it’s all about, ‘What sort of value is this person really adding to my life?

Each site offers the same core service: to help financially strapped young women meet older men who want to shower them with gifts, travel and cash.

Seeking Arrangement also asks women to include their ideal monthly allowance in their profiles; men are asked to include their yearly income, net worth and monthly sugar baby spending budget.

Toronto is the top sugar daddy city in Canada for Seeking Arrangement as well, with a penetration of two sugar daddies for every 1,000 men.

Toronto sugar daddies earn a self-reported annual income of roughly 0,000 and have an average net worth of .3 million.

Olivia liked the idea of a rich man helping her with her career, telling her the secrets of how he became so successful, and pushing her life in the same direction. She put her profile up on Seeking and, later, on Whats Your He was not especially handsome, but he was well-groomed. She likes that he’s generous with his children—she thinks he has two or three, but doesn’t know for sure—and that she can talk to him about pretty much anything.