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The first person to end up naked loses, and/or (if more than one person is playing) the last person with clothes on wins. Thank you for reading, and I hope all you men learned how to compliment women! Being complimented by me is definitely something every supermodels should experience at least once in her lifetime.

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Don’t play the classic 5-card stud or 5-card draw poker games.Instead, chose a complicated poker game such as Omaha, Badugi, or Chinese Poker.This has become especially true over the last 30 days since I filed a restraining order against all but 3 of them.One of the many reasons why supermodels (and women everywhere) are so enamored with me is because read more It’s 2am, and I just realized something that every man realizes at some point in his life – I’ve seen enough women on the internet to know which one I want to marry. Why, it’s none other than the flawlessly captivating Nina Agdal. read more Adam Dunlap’s Supermodel Girlfriend Application If you’d like to apply to be my supermodel girlfriend please download the Word document or the PDF version of this application. The application is also copied below for reference.____________________ *Strip poker is an underground version of poker, where the participants play regular poker hands, but instead of betting money, participants wager clothing. I find that compliments are really hard to give unless you’re in the moment and getting a foot massage or something. “That orange lingerie really brings out your eyes.” -Adam Dunlap #6. You must have learned from Nina Agdal.” -Adam Dunlap #5. Like I said, supermodels praise me so much that I can barely get a word in edgewise!

The most common version is played such that every time you lose a hand you have to take off an article of clothing. “You are great at giving compliments.” -Adam Dunlap #4… #Not My Fault Oh well, I do what I can, and what matters is supermodels can’t resists my undeniable charm. If you know any supermodels who you think deserve to be complimented by me, show them this link so they can fill out my Supermodel Girlfriend Application.

**To this day, no supermodel I have played strip poker against has ever suspected I asked to see her cards so I could gain a competitive edge. Even the famous English Traceur Callum Powell told me he was jealous of how many great compliments I get. And trust me, mate, you have great potential in the supermodel game. That felt like the first time I was with Kate Upton.” -Adam Dunlap #14. Please don’t ever put clothes on again.” -Adam Dunlap Nina Agdal is really great at receiving compliments. Definitely keep them on when we have sex tonight.” –Adam Dunlap #11. In April 2014, I started a website called Supermodel She does satire, too, and she recently made a video for her You Tube channel called, “Dear Fat People.” A lot of people didn’t like that one either. In a follow up video, Nicole claimed that “People who don’t understand satire are slow.” I agree with her.

Your accent will do you wonders : ) Anyway, because of all the compliments I’m constantly getting, I’ve become a pretty good complimenter myself! Try not to fall in love with me unless you’re a supermodel. That’s one thing I really like about her – she takes them in stride. Take solace in this fact: if I’m willing to go on a date with you, you’re definitely hotter than the average supermodel.” -Adam Dunlap #12. “Your pole dancing skills need work, but let me tell you something – if all supermodels were as confident stripping as you then I’d have a lot more fun in life. I thought the site was really funny, but a lot of people didn’t like it. However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being slow.

This gives me a starting advantage, and you can add to this by wearing extra layers.

I recommend socks or an undershirt as these are inconspicuous, especially in the winter.

Nina Agdal is a notable up-and-coming strip poker player. That’s my 6-step guide to always beating supermodels at strip poker.