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He mentioned that work has sometimes “tested” his personal relationships. He will also compliment your vocabulary.“By the way, excellent use of ‘sui generis.’ People don’t use that enough.” 10. When the waiter asks if he’d be more comfortable with a clean set of silverware, he replies, “Honestly, don’t dirty any more plates. If you go back to his hotel room, you might get a serenade.“Being away a lot is a real thing, but I’m getting better at that, too. Yes, he knows he has a tendency to ramble.“I wish this wasn’t being recorded,” he says, hiding his head in his hands, laughing. After playing Hank Williams, he brings his acoustic guitar with him everywhere.

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He has this coolness about him, but when push comes to shove and the extremity of the chaos that’s taking place within the high-rise reaches fever pitch, that detachment is challenged. There is a huge moment of self-recognition that happens within Dr.

Lange of an acceptance of a new identity, a new nature. Ultimately, Hiddleston says, it helps to divorce his experience of making a film from the two hours an audience spends deciding if they like it.

He’s not a party animal, though.“I keep my head down in London,” he says. I just have long breakfasts and meet up with my sisters” — the older one is a journalist, the younger one an actress — “and go and play with my niece and go and catch up with my mom and dad.

Just try to be normal for a bit, do normal stuff, read books, think about how I might want to redo the kitchen.” 3.

“Anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows that I love dancing,” Hiddleston says.

“At a party I’ll be the first person on the dance floor and the last sweaty mess at the end of the night. I just have always had great enthusiasm for it and enjoy it.” 2.“He/she, Loki the demigod, had changed his or her shape and now represented as a woman. “If those jaws snap shut at any time, he’s a dead man,” says Hiddleston, “and nobody would be the wiser.” . No kids yet, but he already has a parenting philosophy.If that ever happens in the movies, I’m not sure I’ll be able to deliver on that.” He’s willing to try, though. When we somehow get on the topic, Hiddleston tells me that he believes in “the sanctity of childhood and the privilege of boredom parents can bestow on children.” Meaning, he believes it’s parents’ job to create a safe environment for their kids, “so they will get bored, so they start making up things to do. I was in LAX yesterday and we were waiting to board.He actually read Norse mythology to play the Marvel supervillain Loki, and he can recite it from memory. Under the cover of night I was invisible, and then at breakfast time, people were like, ‘Hang on, are you that actor? He also hints that his character, a British Special Air Services officer, will clash with the American characters over military strategies, specifically because of his outsiders’ perspective on the war. So say someone comes to pick a fight with you in the pub and you’re carrying a drink or whatever, you put both your hands up and say, ‘Please, please, please, I really don’t want to do this.’ Then just when they’re not expecting it you throw your drink in their face and they can’t see and then you have a split second to make a decision. It’s extraordinary what happens to adrenaline as you’re doing it because it feels very real.” By the way: He also knows capoeira, which he learned while playing Loki. “I found his sense of moral fire romantic,” Hiddleston explains.Hiddleston tells me about an obscure myth in which Loki was female. , an adaptation of the John le Carré novel in which he played a soldier turned hotel worker turned spy. I would say, ‘I couldn’t possibly comment.’” Later, during filming, he worked the front desk of a functioning hotel in Marrakesh, handing out keys to actual guests who had no idea who he was. “Romantic in the sense that he’s a man who’s willing to stand up for something, to fight or die for a principle, a cause.” Hiddleston says he was “moved” by Pine’s choice to “live within the jaws of the beast,” infiltrating the inner circle of an international arms dealer, played by Hugh Laurie, whom le Carré describes as the worst man in the world.This is when life is devolved to sort of a more feral landscape and he accepts it: This is who I am now. “I spent five months of my life working on , working 12 hours of every day,” he says.