Teenage girl dating bad boy

Take into consideration these are the jaded words of one who has been chided by so many anglo females on account of his freckled veneer that he is seriously considering entering the monastery or Richard Simmons' harem, whichever will have him. Why do you loathe your melanin challenged adherents so?

With the added insult of being regarded as racist by simply pointing out the glaring contradictions. What is it about the caramel color you women find so enthralling anyways? Seriously, my response wasn't totally without merit. He was tried and found lacking by the fair sex whom seemingly exalt the virtues, dancing, tanning, and exceedingly proficient membership(you know what I'm talkin' bout).

Or, if he starts to display one of these stereotypes, it’s important to understand the reasons behind it.

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it could be physical attraction at first like any other relationship, and then she could fall in love with him!

I prefer Mexican or black, or anything but white guys most of the time and im white! He doesn't sound like a winner but to be fair, I really don't think most of us knew exactly what we wanted in life at 20.

I think some white girls date black guys because they think they are cool (all the rappers they see on tv).

Some white chicks do it because they feel black guys would be more accepting of them (usually women a little on the thick side).

I dont understand why people are prejudice because just because they are black or because their mexican hispanic etc etc. and personally I think black guys are and mexicans'are *sexier*.

doesnt mean they dont have a good heart in the inside and they say well they are into gangs. their all the same in the inside and if they are like they are are fault. My opinion thouqh, Sorry, I was suffering heavily from my pedanticitis when I addressed you.

maybe its just this generation that we dont think bout race in a relationship because the guy she;s dating is not working doesn't have a dream or a desire to do anything when I asked him he said I don''t know he thinks when she gets money it is his when she went back to work he's like we going to be ballin now.

that stuff just goes thru me,as for meeting you I am at work and didn't really pay attention I just assumed I was talking to a male , honestly I really don't care what color they are as long as they treat her good but it is a shock because no one in my close family is with a person of a different I iknow there has to be something behind it that us older people don't see because where I live most girls that have black boyfriends always have black boyfriends I know the old saying once you go black you never go back but why I really just want an honest answer I am not trying to be mean.

no it is not because he is mexican I lived next to one of the nicest guys in the world and he is a mexican, I also know that most mexicans are very hard workers, I myself think most mexican men are nice looking he is worthless because he doesn't work he steals,smokes weed and has a baby he doesn't support, it is just all things I disapprove of,he's 20 years.

old and I don't feel that is still considered to young to know what he wants he should know what he wants out of life and be working towards that goal already I think its an absolute disgrace. Furthermore if i seem a little biased in my reasoning, i live my thoughts through life experiences, and im ashamed of our politically correct society.

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