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The show won 37 Emmy Awards, a record bested only by "They buy huge umbrellas that are too big to walk around, so you have to walk in the street! What egregious sin have I committed, that I should be so maligned?

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The cast became more understanding and close-knit, Frasier's relationship with Martin improved drastically after they started living together, Frasier started a quest for a meaningful relationship, Niles and Maris divorced, and Roz got pregnant and became a single mother halfway through the show.However, the most notable story arc was the drawn-out, heartfelt Will They or Won't They?Martin's deceptively intelligent Jack Russell terrier Eddie, Frasier's coworkers at KACL, and Niles's unseen but outlandish wife Maris were the final touches to the core cast, which remained intact and unchanged throughout all eleven seasons of the show's run.Dan Butler, who played Testosterone Poisoned sports show host Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe, was listed in the opening credits for seasons 4 through 6, but was billed as a guest star for all other appearances. More than a snapshot of what I've been doing for the last 12 years. Let's just say you won't come back from this trip...

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Preacher is the edgy story of a conflicted preacher in a Texas town who is inhabited by a mysterious entity.


The series was able to run contrary to almost every other sitcom ever made by having two wealthy, snobbish milquetoasts as its main characters, who clash with the Average Joes that make up the rest of the ensemble.

The emphasis was on understatement and taste: the show used title cards in place of establishing shots, was one of the first sitcoms to completely dispose of the Sentimental Music Cue, had an opening theme only (with the cast credits running amid the opening sequence), and wasn't afraid to mix up highbrow wordplay and regular old humor.

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