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And as Chicken Shop Date continues to flourish independently, it’s clear Amelia’s earning a rep as a film maker and comedian – one chicken nugget at a time.Where did the idea for Chicken Shop Date come from?As she waved me around her arty North London home, she talked me through the show's humble beginnings, explaining how she was turned down in the past when she attempted to get the show commissioned saying that “everybody just said no”.

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I had the idea to interview people and we always had these big discussions as a group about new content ideas, so I said, “Let’s do it as a date”, because that might be a fun way to interview people.

Then someone suggested going somewhere you wouldn’t usually go on a date, and that’s how we got the idea for the chicken shop!

He seemed to be more receptive to your humour, there was more of a back-and-forth compared to some of your other dates. I like that about the show, I’m not expecting anything from my dates, I don’t need a ground-breaking interview where they say something really insightful; I can interview 67 and they can just murmur something and it will still be funny.

It kind of works with all dynamics, the only one I don’t think it worked with was Logan Sama.

I think that was because he was too self conscious, or thinking about things too much.

Now, people know what they’re getting themselves in for, whereas before they didn’t.

That’s probably worked out quite well for you as a journalist.

Exactly, I just want to be able to have an opinion.

I was super interested and wanted to know more about the music.

I have this thing in me where no matter what the topic is, I don’t want to be left out of the conversation – I want to have something to say.

Everybody is different when they are on dates and is maybe a bit shyer or a bit more confident than you expected from their public or on-stage persona.