The dating game 1996

In the 1980s, the show was also known as The New Newlywed Game and The Newlywed Game Starring Paul Rodriguez, respectively.

the dating game 1996-56

When Gary Kroeger took over in Fall 1996 the show was overhauled with a new format.Each spouse was shown a videotape of their mates who gave a statement mostly about their spouse.It's as if the church is saying, "We want to find out everything about you, without telling you anything about us." One such church had my resume, philosophy of ministry, summary of ministry experiences, ...Each issue contains new articles and insights on leadership training, updates on what’s been added to Building Church, and other practical help to build faithful and effective leaders in your church.Most often there would be two-way ties, less often there would be three-way ties, and very rarely there would be a four-way tie.

When the show started, the gameplay was slightly different.

In 1988, the couples no longer played for points, they played for cash.

In round one each match was worth (with that amount given at the start), and in round two only two questions were asked with each question worth .

The couple with the most money kept the cash (with a maximum of 0), and won the grand prize.

When Paul Rodriguez took over as host in December of '88, the old scoring format returned, but the number of couples was reduced to three.

The wives predicted what their husbands would say in round one, while in round two The husbands wives predicted what their wives would say in round two.