The rules dating advice book

Advice about dating and relationships is everywhere. She had read it and while she did tell me that she didn’t agree with everything in the book, she thought it was a worthwhile read and has been following some of the rules herself. Dating is complicated, messy, confusing, exciting, fun, terrifying, uncomfortable, thrilling and a million other types of emotions, all at once. Friend #2 in the scenario above lent me the book after that long text debate.

We’re debriefing about an amazing date I had the night before. I thought I might find some gem of wisdom to explain why I am still single. “Do you suspect you’re doing something wrong, but are not sure what.” YES, again. Let me say upfront that I am not setting out to bash this book.The authors ask questions like, “Are you tired of guys texting you, but not asking you out? “Play hard to get- because being a challenge is the secret to getting a guy…Don’t speak to a man first, don’t ask him out, don’t accept last-minute dates, don’t see him too often and don’t date him forever!These are the keys to dating.” Again, while I didn’t read this book with the intention of bashing it, I do need to share my thoughts on some of the most crazy rules that I simply cannot stand behind.(Oh and also, according to the book, this blog post is the kiss of death when it comes to dating. This blog is all about getting real about uncomfortable topics that take us out of our comfort zones- dating being one of them. ) PS- Thanks to Girlfriends #1 and #2 for inspiring this post…and for being awesome friends with great dating advice Want more gutsy content delivered straight to your inbox twice a month?

One of the biggest rules about The Rules is not to talk about The Rules. Be sure to sign up for my FREE #Get Gutsy e-newsletter filled with inspiration, ideas and action items to get out of your comfort zone. You can support your intuition with some scientific (and fun) data gathering: – Do you share similar values? It is a philosophy based on the primal needs of men and women, assuming all men need to constantly hunt. After your first couple of dates you will have a good intuition about whether you are interested in them or not, and whether sufficient chemistry exists between you. This is where follow-up is required to move things forward or to call it off. In my opinion, it’s all about playing hard to get and manipulating to get what you want.Want to learn more about me and the Get Gutsy community? It’s about treating your date the way you would treat a friend – with respect and integrity.Ladies who followed the Fein/Schneider road to allegedly greener pastures were dubbed “Rules Girls.” To sum up their ingenious strategy: ignore men to the point that you seem completely uninterested. The best that can be said about “The Rules” is that it’s the original “He’s Just Not That Into You.”All this, however, doesn’t leave me immune to wondering what “Not Your Mother’s Rules” has in store for us. Animal emojis are always acceptable, especially the caterpillar; another solid choice is the flexed bicep.**On Facebook**: Never friend him first.