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I can appreciate the frustration, however, Republic’s blending of Wi Fi (Vo IP) with cellular is part of what makes its pricing structure possible.

And, yes, as T-Mobile is a wireless carrier, it’s unlikely you would be having this experience.

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To do that they require you have a phone number with your profile. In any event it worked for everything other than 2FA, so I’m uncertain it would have helped with your use case anyway. I’m curious as to where it’s failing for you as I’m able to claim new Google Voice numbers using multiple Republic numbers. Does Google claim to have sent the required six-digit code via SMS? If one accepts it at face value, it says Google Voice cannot send a text message with the needed verification code.Does the SMS just not arrive at your Republic number? Just for clarity, have you tried the option to receive a voice call at the same number GV won’t send a text message to?I can’t create a Twitter App, without adding a phone number to my Twitter profile. I have learned that Republic Wireless is not a wireless carrier, rather they are a VOIP operation which down stream makes use of varies wireless carriers.Not happy, as I doubt that I would have this issue with TMobile which I switched over from. Or, are you attempting to establish a new Google Voice number? I’m not understanding what you mean by trying to create a Twitter app? Again, I’ve not been able to get Twitter to accept a Republic number for two-factor authentication.GV now tracks how many times a number has been used to obtain a GV number and/or whether it’s linked to an existing GV number.

Basically, Google aims to make it more difficult for someone to claim multiple GV numbers as a security measure.

Having said that, I’ve already tried this myself and got nowhere with Twitter.

I too have tried this, and like all things support related with Twitter wasn’t even able to get past scripted/automated responses.

Twitter & Google Voice are both not accepting my phone number.

They both say something about “carrier not supported”.

I appreciate one shouldn’t need to jump through these hoops, however, might you have another number besides your Republic number to use for claiming a new GV number?