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The Unicorn Club and Bambi's are commonly known—they are establishments I chose to avoid.

Shot through the charred Before the violence between the drug cartels and the police that frightened many tourists off, every Friday and Saturday night, thousands of people, many in the age 18-21 crowd (when I went there at age 16 in 1983, I could buy alcohol and go into strip clubs—see Chapter Three) traveled southbound from San Diego across the San Ysidro/Puerta México Port of Entry.

They passed by Plaza Viva Tijuana, a retail commercial center adjacent to the border station, and, by foot or taxi, headed straight for the nightclubs and bars along Avenida Revolución, the biggest ―paseo‖ in town.

These are small, crowded, smoky, dark establishments frequented by mostly local women who come to make a few dollars dancing, drinking, and perhaps to have sex (at the right price).

Few American, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern tourists are found here; they are generally for local men with limited funds.

But this is not Berlin, wall or no wall, it is Tijuana.

Through your open window, set high, as if in the cinder block of a cell wall, curdled blue/gray smoke writhes inside.Their signs are advertised above dental offices and pharmacies.While these are indeed places to obtain sexual gratification, a bona fide massage can be enjoyed as well.Many of these can be found on the main tourist drag, Avenida Revoluciόn—numerous barkers will stand outside, aggressively yelling at passing men to come in and ―see the girl, see the pussy, see the hot young things.Sometimes these places will be empty, despite all that is promised.The women will sit and talk to a client for hours, as long as the client pays for drinks, food, and the time. Escorts advertise here, either via an agency or on their own.