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Keep the relationship a priority – the better the communication and growth between the two of you during the difficult times, the more likely that the relationship will succeed.

7) Make an effort to continue doing normal relationship things While the pain will undoubtedly cause some things to be cancelled or rescheduled throughout the course of the relationship, don’t allow it to take control of your relationship.

Maintaining open lines of communication will remain a necessity.

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6) Don’t be afraid to discuss relationship-based topics/concerns The natural thing to do is put certain feelings aside because you don’t want to pile on unnecessary conversations when your partner already isn’t feeling well.

This will only put the relationship in jeopardy unnecessarily.

4) Be thick-skinned The person who you’re caring for in most cases will never believe you truly “understand” what they are going through and consequently the exchanges won’t always be pleasant.

The important thing to remember is to try not to take it personally.

It’s called The Volunteer State because of all the men who volunteered to go to war for the nation.

Andrew Jackson, one of America’s most important military men, was from Tennessee.

You’re in the south, everyone is friendly, and, let’s be honest, no one really wants to live anywhere else.

Knoxville is Tennessee’s third largest city and was actually the state’s first capital.

As the caregiver, our responsibility goes beyond just administering medicine or preparing meals.

Whether it’s a quick joke, a random quirky facial expression, or just a gentle hand placed on just the right spot, the goal is to help your partner smile when the times get toughest!

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