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Ryan was recently asked the question on Survivor Oz who he thought was more important to Survivor history: Pelican Pete or Mary Sartain. Safe to say, that relationship is well and truly over.

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” Of course, as all good boyfriends should, Gregg gave in and sided with Jenn, taking Katie out of the challenge.This unbreakable bond ended up being their downfall, as Gregg was soon voted out and a stunned Jenn was left without a sleeping companion.And those of us not lucky enough to be a part of the actual finale broadcast came together to watch the last episode and live finale unfold.Some of the former and current castaways at the viewing and after party included: JT, James Clement, Stephen Fishbach, Courtney Yates, Todd Herzog, Spencer Duhm, Mike Bortone, Brian Corridan, Eliza Orlins, Ashley Trainer, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Boston Rob Mariano, Jerri Manthey, John Fincher, Burton Roberts, Russell Hantz, Terry Deitz, Rita Verreos, Jonny Fairplay, and many more…to name a few!However, as a relationship quickly developed between the two, it became increasingly clear that the pair felt true loyalty only to each other.

Gregg and Jenn didn’t do much to hide this during a reward challenge, when Gregg asked “Is that horrible if I hit you Jenn?

Candice and Adam both competed in Survivor: Cook Islands, as original members of the Caucasian tribe, Rarotonga.

The two quickly hooked up, but were separated as the four tribes merged into two and Candice ended up on the wrong side of her alliance.

However, she soon gained recognition at her season’s live finale when she publicly announced her engagement to Ryan, a previous contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

The couple were introduced by the most unlikely Cupid imaginable, Johnny Fairplay, after he convinced Ryan that she was the “female version of him”.

Upon Candice’s departure, the couple took Tribal Council goodbyes to a whole new level when they had one last make out session in front of the entire tribe.