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Jaffe exudes an effortless James Dean vibe with a stage presence reminiscent of Young Americans-era David Bowie." "Boasting raw talent so precocious that you find yourself wondering why in the hell you didn't do anything like this when you were 20, Matt Jaffe sounds like he's already hit full stride on his debut EP Blast Off." "A New York concertgoer is no stranger to the cool smolder of Irving Plaza’s chandelier lighting, and the hushed excitement building up to the first note of the night.

"We set out to create something that made us happy, and we did,” Tom leaves off.

Have you ever wanted that new look for your room, but have no clue where to start?

You’ll find nothing else like it in mainstream today, but it’s not an accident.

The twenty-year-old frontman wears his influences on his sleeve, summoning cues from The Clash, Bob Dylan and Talking Heads.

Some lines related to the state of the world, but it’s a really beautiful moment for all of us on the album.” In the end, those kinds of moments define . Not everything has to be a pretty Instagram filter.

For as much as it might look a little different, it’s The Plain White T’s through and through.

Fusing minimal glitchy blips, lithe guitars, and an unshakable hook, it cracks open the album’s world for the group as Tom croons, "A lot of the songs look at love and life from a different perspective,” he elaborates.

"This one is about a girl who I probably know more than anybody else on the whole planet, yet we’re not really together. It’s a clever lyrical take.” The effervescent "Light Up The Room" proves bright and brilliant with its danceable grooves and massive refrain.

It's a stormy night, even the Greek students stay in.

For the KT's that's no problem, partying being their forte, except that Cappie is in a rare non-dating mood.

Jaffe & The Distractions proudly wear their influences on their sleeves, featuring the rock sensibility of the Clash with the memorable songwriting and tone of Elvis Costello.