Trey songz dating history

The stadium is owned by the Met Life Stadium Company, a joint venture of the Giants and Jets, who jointly built the stadium using private funds on land owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.The stadium opened as New Meadowlands Stadium in 2010.Without realizing that Trey had already denied the allegations on Instagram, Nicki berated him on Twitter. “I done gotchu 6 million plaques.” During his latest Q&A, Trey was asked about the incident and whether he’s received an apology from Minaj. Ne-Yo ‘So sick of love songs.’ Everybody had an image that was pristine.

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“The day that Trey Songz allegedly attacked Andrea, he was already on probation in Michigan,” said Bloom.

“We are cooperating with law enforcement through the proper channels and not in the media,” Songz’s attorney Shawn Holley said in a statement.

Out of all the boys Khloé has brought around, this guy and his special suede shoes he recently wore to her surprise birthday party are doing it the most for me. Alas, the duo infamously split in 2013 after Odom began struggling with addiction and allegations swirled that he cheated during their relationship.

It's been a journey to get to the 26-year-old Jamaican basketball player, fraught with one messy divorce and a couple other bumps. Though their divorce was put on hold in 2015 when Odom overdosed, it was officially finalized in 2016 after his recovery. ) and completing the athlete trifecta is professional baseball player Matt Kemp.

She said that the following day, she had dark bruises on her body, face and neck.

Buera filed a restraining order against Songz last week.

In fact, Harden was even there for Odom's overdose and helped support Khloé during his hospitalization.

Understandably, it might have put a strain on their romance life, and the two split shortly after that.

Hot off the release of his latest LP, Tremaine The Album, Trigga returned to Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” for a very candid interview about his relationship with Drake and social media spat with Nicki Minaj. Both artists were Drake’s guests on the “Boy Meets World Tour” in London. “She’ll probably be mad about this, but y’all gotta realize,” he added, “I don’t really give a fuck about nothing.” He said he was bothered by the interaction at first, in part because he went out of his way to deny Remy’s allegations. But because this was Nicki and because we do have a history, because I respect her, I went out my way to do that. That’s why I don’t give no fucks.” Going back to Nicki’s “six plaques” comment, Trigga added: “Tell her give me some more. We were actually supposed to make music, one for his album and one for mine. We had records together before him and Nicki were considered to be a thing. I was the one you’d hear about on You Tube fighting.

Last month, Remy Ma claimed that the Queen of the Barbz had sex with her “Bottoms Up” co-star. “Everybody think I hit Nicki Minaj even though I didn’t,” he added. So, I was appalled that people would think that I would get together with Meek to do some kind of diss record against Nicki Minaj. On new collaborations with Meek: “We went to the studio and made five records. I don’t think it was a good idea to take a picture and post it because I knew what the insinuation would be like but whatever, you want to take a picture, post it.” On August Alsina: “August was talking crazy a couple of years ago and I ain’t want to fight. I want to get some money…There’s other people who got problems with me that I ain’t even address. That don’t prove nothing.” On R&B & hip-hop’s fusion: “I was the one that was not clean cut. Chris Brown, clean-cut, dancing Double Mint commercial.

We’ve done amazing things together but I think she jumped the gun…You need to go research something before you talk.” Nicki had the opportunity to address the situation recently. I went out my way to say I didn’t and I don’t do that…I don’t feel the need to say nothing about a woman to promote my career — whether I been with her or not — and I don’t feel the need to denounce things when people say they are true. On Recent Drake Collaborations: “We played music back and forth. We actually have made music together at this point, so that’s the first step.” On Recent Meek Mill Photo: “Meek ain’t like that I let [Nicki] say what she said and I still kept it resp…I was like, ‘Nah, it’s cool.’ We chopped it up for a minute. Just like Drake, I was the first person to put Meek on a stage and arena in Philadelphia…I was on Meek’s first album and mixtape.