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Michael Mann agreed, and shot the scene with no practice rehearsals.

Rather than dubbing in the gunshots during the bank robbery shoot-out, Michael Mann had microphones carefully placed around the set, so that the audio could be captured live.

It felt awkward to start conversations, with no reason to be there besides wanting to date.

Because you’re not added to a team with nearby players, your ability to make friends who are also possible real-life dating prospects is decidedly limited.That’s something that Lively could change to support in time, if it’s able to grow its user base., Jam Music, etc.) and other tweaks that follow its idea of live trivia games. In an interview with Al Pacino on the DVD Special Edition, Pacino revealed that for the scene in the restaurant between Hanna and Mc Cauley, Robert De Niro felt that the scene should not be rehearsed so that the unfamiliarity between the two characters would seem more genuine.In fact, it’s less of a way to find a date for a night out, than it is to just make new friends.

After the game wraps, you’ll have the option to continue chatting with the other players, if you choose.

For the restaurant sequence where Mc Cauley and Hanna finally meet, Michael Mann ran two cameras simultaneously in order to generate a greater level of fluidity between both rivals.

Since there were no rehearsals for the scene, this approach afforded both men a more generous margin for improvisational experimentation.

You can also add people as a friend, if you hit it off.

And when trivia isn’t in session – the games run twice daily at 3 PM and 7 PM PST – you can group video chat with others on Lively.

Also, because there are no prizes or payouts, you can join anytime during the 30-minute gaming session to be placed into a team and play along.